Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Chick Applique From Planet Applique

This adorable baby Chick applique will make your Easter crafting all warm and fuzzy! Checkout out below how this embroidery machine designs sews out. He takes about 8 minutes to make and is super easy and simple.

Step1: Load the baby chick file and stitch the die line. (color1)
Place a piece of fabric over the die line and the run the tack down stitch. (color2)

Step 3: Using double curved applique scissors trim around your fabric. It should look something like this once you are done trimming the fabric away.

Step 4: Once you've trimmed your fabric, the machine will now stitch in this order: beak and legs (color3), and then the body (color 4)

Step 5: Last to stitch is this baby chicks brown eyes :) Isnt he so cute! If you want to give this baby chick a try, scoot over to Planet Applique and pick him up :)